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"Where Did the Idea Come From?"

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Fischer Arts

We did it - we went live...

It is unbelievably exciting. And we managed to pull it off on Friday the 13th, no less.

(I figured it added a tad bit of mystery)

In addition to the site becoming fully functional, I chose that date to come out of the "art closet" on social media. You see, I am the only scientist in a family filled with creatives, so understandably people might be a wee bit perplexed.

As a result, I have been asked where the idea for Fischer Arts came from.

My love animals and the outdoors is probably obvious. I wear my nature-adoration proudly, like a girl scout badge. It is why I dedicated a couple of decades (filled with blood, sweat, and tears) to get in to, then out of, vet school. And it is why I live in the middle-of-nowhere, New Hampshire. Nothing helps my very busy brain more than the forests, mountains, and wildlife of my home state. Supporting conservation efforts is of vital importance to me, and a business where proceeds could go to organizations that protect wildlife and fragile ecosystems became a priority.

And, as I mentioned, art is a part of my genetics. I have been painting and taking photographs for decades. And I have dreamt of a gallery space for more years than I can count. If you understand my family history, it actually makes a whole bunch of sense. I spent many of my formative years hanging about in my mother's art gallery. Eugene Galleries sold antique prints, maps, and books and was a huge part of a small community on Boston's Beacon Hill. Over time, it became an integral component of my life. I learned so much from my Mamma-Bear.

Antique copperplate engravings in particular captivate me - especially the detail and care that went into their creation. Take a look at the Sowerby botanical - published in 1805. Something as simple as a thread moss seedling comes to life with vibrant color and intricate detail. It is beautiful. And leads to a deeper appreciation for something we might normally take for granted.

Art Inspired by Nature

All of this history inspired Fischer Arts: An art gallery that blends the new and the vintage, is motivated by a love of nature, and is dedicated to appreciation and preservation.

But - then there was more. Imagine my surprise when I came across Alchemystic Jewelry and the creator, Nicole Lindland. Nicole and I were exhibiting work at a seasonal art fair last year. Her kind and generous nature, as well as her truly unique and inspired work, stayed with me over time. When I started to put together plans for Fischer Arts, she was the first person I contacted.

Her jewelry combines antique silver with gorgeous natural stones, and it every piece so clearly shows her love of nature. What a perfect match for the Fischer Arts mission.

Alchemystic Jewelry

Fischer Arts is now open for business.

We are very happy to be on this journey,

and are grateful for all of the wonderful support.

Fischer Arts

Grounded by a love for the natural world,

a passion for conservation and preservation,

and a deep appreciation for art.

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