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Botanical art and handcrafted work inspired by the garden

Browse Fischer Art's collection of antique botanical art

Shop a curated collection of antique copperplate engravings and lithographs from as early as the 1700s. 


Botanical watercolor paintings

by artist Stephanie Whitney-Payne.

Made in Vermont.

Shop limited edition copper etchings from ischer Arts

Discover limited edition copper etchings by artist Bobbi Angell.

Made in Vermont.

Handcrafted vase by Vermont artist Stephanie Nichols_edited.png

Ceramics and Wood Sculpture from New England artists


Explore hand-cut and soldered stained glass by Root Studio.

Made in Vermont.

Clematis in June Sarah Hess.jpg

Limited edition botanical

block prints 

by Sarah Hess.

Design inspiration - from these walls, to yours...



Original copperplate engravings from the18th and 19th century are unique anchoring piece in this hallway. 

Fischer arts has recommendations from a curated collection of antique nature engravings


So many wonderful ways to combine pieces...

Here two lovely German chromolithographs from 1905 add charm and color to the kitchen. Peaches, nectarines and plums are vibrant and bold against white. 

Browse pairing suggestions - antique and contemporary - curated for you.

botanical engravings
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