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Art Inspired by Nature

Fall Beauty Henniker

Grounded by a love for the natural world,

a passion for conservation and preservation,

and a deep appreciation for art.


Supporting conservation efforts inspired Fischer Arts, and a portion of all sales is donated to organizations working to preserve fragile ecosystems and protect wildlife.

This is part of the Fischer Arts mission. 

Over time, Fischer Arts aims to find innovative ways to highlight the incredible planet that we all share. Thank you for your patience while we begin this adventure. 

Who We Are

Iris Fischer-McMorrow

​Iris Fischer McMorrow

Iris developed the idea for Fischer Arts after years of experience

with the family business, an antique print shop in Boston called

Eugene Galleries, a fixture on Boston's historic Beacon Hill.

Iris finds solace and direction in the stunning beauty that is so

clearly visible in the world. Sharing this perspective with others

inspires her photography, as well as Fischer Arts.


She is an outdoor enthusiast and loves exploring hidden

areas of New Hampshire and Vermont. 


Iris background is eclectic, and includes the fine arts, science

(specifically veterinary medicine), and academia. She brings her expertise

and passion for the arts, conservation, and the outdoors to this new venture. 

Read Iris' Artist Bio Here

Barbara Fischer

Barbara Fischer

Barbara's art gallery, Eugene Galleries, was a source of joy for so many.

She has over 40 years experience working with antique engravings, maps,

and books. She brings inspiration and positivity to her family, and helps to

provide support and expertise in printed art to her daughter and Fischer Arts. 

Barbara has a special place in her heart for animals and the outdoors. She especially loves the beauty of the New England shoreline and New Hampshire mountains.

She has mastered the art of finding hidden beauty in unexpected places.

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