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More than Four Seasons?

Yes, it's true. Vermont has a couple of extra seasons.

And right now, we are celebrating one of those "in-betweens" ...

Welcome to "Stick" Season

Most of the foliage has scattered, and the snow hasn't arrived just yet...although I just found out one of the biggest ski resorts in the area is already open. Holy Hannah, I'm not sure I am ready!

I will enjoy the deeper, darker colors and beautiful trees as they are, for as long as I can.

We are heading into our third stick season at Fischer Arts. Hard to believe!

And to celebrate, we are having a Stick Season Sale.

Online - and in a special spot in the gallery - you will find pieces from our antique print collection -

up to 25% off.

In the meantime, I will be prepping the winter window for the next of Vermont's six seasons.

See you soon!

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