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Antique Print Collections and Design Ideas -  Inspired by Nature

Ideas by Collection

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Shop Culpepper's

Herbal Engravings

Beautiful Copperplate Engravings from 1826


Shop Meyer's Chromolithographs

Eclectic and vibrant vintage chromolithographs from Meyers Konversations Lexikon 


Shop Curtis Botanicals

Original Copperplate engravings from the early 1800's  by J. Curtis, a famous botanist and entomologist 


Shop Linnaean System of Botany

Unique Botanical Engravings with Scientific descriptions from 1816


Shop Histoire Naturelle Copperplates

Rare reptile and bird copperplate engravings from 1789 French publications

Sm_Milliere_Cannes annales_1879_VI.jpg

Shop Annales des Sciences Naturelles

Steel engravings of butterflies and moths by Milliere, from 1879 

More collections coming soon

Design inspiration - from these walls, to yours...

The Magic of Nature

There is scientific evidence to show that just looking at images of nature calms the mind. We even wrote about this on the blog.

Here a lovely antique leaf prints from 1876 adda a serene touch; a unique focal point. 


Shop antique leaf and fern prints that add a special touch to your home


Maybe there is a special place in your home - a perfect location for the perfect pairing of contemporary or antique art. Browse our curated collection.

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Unusual Subjects

An original steel engraving, with antique color, from Annales des Sciences Naturelles de Cannes in 1879 brings a touch of nature to a lovely space. 

The moth and butterflies depicted are delicate and beautiful.

botanical art prints
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