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Gifts with Meaning - and History

The holiday season seems to have started early in here in Chester, Vermont.

Maybe that's because we have snow on the ground already -

or it could be the mountains and ski resorts - open and ready for winter.

Regardless, it sure is cozy.

The holiday shopping has begun! I've met many wonderful new people the last two weeks, and heard such kind words about the unique items we have at the gallery. It is thrilling (and yes, I mean thrilling!) when someone finds their special piece. This applies to all the lovely items at Fischer Arts, from the beautiful contemporary art and handcrafted jewelry to the antique nature prints. But, I want to spent a bit of time highlighting the latter because this week alone I have watched so many people connect with an antique print for themselves or a loved one.

There is a tremendous amount of thought and care that goes into curating our antique prints.

I search near and far for the perfect complements to our esthetic and mission. I find myself falling in love with their beauty. Other times, I become obsessed with their quirkiness.

But all of them make my heart swell with appreciation for the natural world.

I next look for the perfect frame for custom framing - an art form I have come to appreciate. It is incredible what the right frame does to bring out a piece. And once the antique prints are snug in their new home, with archival materials and UV-protective glass, they are ready to find the right wall.

Ok, so I am a scientist by training, which means proof is important! So here are some examples that might help to illustrate why I love these pieces so much.

Let's start with quirky. I mean, isn't this antique print amazing? It is a chromolithograph from the 1890s. Those are some seriously happy looking ocean invertebrates...

The "Ocean Life" section of the gallery is very popular - which I found surprising at first, given we are in a land-locked state. But people have deep connections to the diversity of life in our oceans. Ocean art is popular! Case in point: yesterday someone swooned over sea snails. Tomorrow a customer might be taken with tilapia. Who knows? The joy customers express when they see our ocean prints makes me so happy.

Then there are the ferns...

I curated a set of antique fern and leaf prints from the mid 1800's. They are incredible - made from

wood blocks with added hand coloring from that time period. These botanical prints are matched with locally made hardwood frames, thanks to the lovely folks at the Framery of Vermont right here in Chester.

It is fun to watch antique pieces come to life in a way that is actually quite contemporary, and fits with a modern, clean, and organic esthetic.

And I might have a wee bit of an obsession with the fruit and veggie prints we have right now.

Take, for example, the avocado. Maybe it is in the "quirky" category, but I do love this agricultural print from 1906.

Plums, anyone?

This lovely chromolithograph from 1898 includes images of plum pits and blossoms. That level of detail makes me smile.

Be inspired by the many unique gift ideas at Fischer Arts. Take a peek, see what you might connect with. Is it the ocean that inspires you? Or maybe it is medicinal plants! A lovely customer found this grouping of copperplate engravings from the early 1800s. They are from an antique series that was made available to physicians in the 1800s, to illustrate the medicinal and healing properties of different herbs and flowers. These piece have their original hand-coloring. Stunning...

They are off to their new home - a truly unique design centerpiece with so much history.

Find the perfect gift for the holidays.

And enjoy 10% off an online purchase of any antique print (including sale items) with code Holidays23 at checkout.

Plus free shipping through December 16th

Sending everyone best wishes!

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