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The Magic of Alchemystic

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

It was just about a year ago. Alchemystic Jewelry's booth, as well as creator Nicole Lindland, were located across from me at a seacoast art show. I fell head over heels in love with the gorgeous pieces of jewelry that so clearly captured Nicole's love of nature.

Her collection of handmade jewelry incorporates natural elements and as well as

vintage and antique silver.


The Lakes Region of New Hampshire is her home, where the woods and the water

provide inspiration. Nicole shares this about her work:

"I have a deep love for stones. No two are alike, and the array of pattern and color is magical to me. I love seeing the repeat of patterns and textures within all the different elements in nature. It reminds me how connected everything truly is."


"When I started playing around with some vintage silverware, I fell in love. The idea of taking something old and re-designing it into something totally new and wearable, was so fun to me."


"I like that art and creativity has no limits. No rules. It’s all based on our own perception of beauty. I strive to make unique jewelry. I want to blur the lines between the words we use to label style and art. I want organic and raw to also be refined and classy. I want a simple and clean design to still be unusual and a little funky. I want something that a human considers to have great monetary value, like an opal, to be combined with a common beach stone or piece of sea glass."


"My goal is to be authentic in all I do and create in life. I am ever evolving and growing, and I like to think that reflects in my jewelry."

“Each piece you see is a little bit of my personality”

Thank you, Nicole, for bringing Alchemystic Jewelry to Fischer Arts.

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