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Art Inspired by Nature

About Alchemystic Jewelry and Artist, Nicole Lindland

I was born and raised in Alton Bay, New Hampshire. The beauty of the Lakes Region has re-ignited my creativity so many times over the years. I often seek the woods when I feel emotionally drained or creatively depleted. When my thoughts become chaotic, I sit by the water to hear the calm and soothing consistency of the water lapping against the shore. I like noticing the little things when I’m outside. Whether it be a water droplet on a leaf or the angle of the sun hitting the water, I enjoy noticing the details. Zoom out, you can see that without those details, the bigger picture would just be shapes and blobs of color. 


Each part is so important...even the “imperfections”.


I’ve had an interest in antiques and old finds for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps it stems from an old dump site we had in the woods behind the house I grew up in. We used to dig for hours finding old bottles, ceramic plates and tin cans. It always felt like we were digging for buried treasure! Now as an adult, I mainly peruse antique stores and thrift shops for those fun finds. But occasionally, you can still find me somewhere off the beaten trail checking out an old rusted can or some car parts from long ago.


In 2014 I started a jewelry apprenticeship with Jennifer Kalled and Aubri Keating at The Kalled Gallery in Wolfeboro, NH. It was an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t be more appreciative to have been apart of the group of woman that created that environment.


I started Alchemystic Jewelry in 2018, and it took me some time to find my style...and even still...I like to experiment with techniques and ideas to keep it interesting and see if there’s something new that I want to add into my work.


My jewelry pieces are all one-of-a-kind, and handcrafted by me.


I primarily work in silver, but also incorporate a little copper and brass occasionally. I have a deep love for stones. No two are alike, and the array of pattern and color is magical to me. I feel like each stone is a microcosm of one of my photographs. I love seeing the repeat of patterns and textures within all the different elements in nature. It reminds me how connected everything truly is. When I started playing around with some vintage silverware, I fell in love.

The idea of taking something old and re-designing it into something totally new and wearable, was so fun to me.


My SilverWear line is made using vintage, silver-plated silverware, and gemstone beads. It is playful, colorful and no soldering or torch work is done. My fine jewelry line has sterling silverware in the designs as well as coins, watch pieces, and any other old oddities that strike my fancy.


I like that art and creativity has no limits. No rules.  It’s all based on our own perception of beauty. I strive to make unique jewelry. I want to blur the lines between the words we use to label style and art. I want organic and raw to also be refined and classy. I want a simple and clean design to still be unusual and a little funky. I want something that a human considers to have great monetary value, like an opal, to be combined with a common beach stone or piece of sea glass.


My goal is to be authentic in all I do and create in life. I am ever evolving and growing, and I like to think that reflects in my jewelry. 


“Each piece you see is a little bit of my personality”


Nicole Lindland ~ Alchemystic Jewelry

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