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Meet the Artists

The leaves fell in the blink of an eye. Here we are, heading into the holiday season. Time is flying by.


The flooring is done.

The lights are in.

The sign is up.

The furniture is here.

Prints are finding their spaces.

The ads are in the papers.

The painting is finished.

(Ok, almost finished...don't tell on me, I've been procrastinating. Painting ceilings is no fun.)

But - we're getting there! As we near the official opening on November 27th, we have transitioned to the really fun part; adding work from New England artists to the space.

Fischer Arts highlights works of art that are inspired by nature. And while Fischer Arts specializes in antique nature engravings, we blend in the modern and therefore we also collaborate with contemporary artists whose work celebrates the natural world.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to know and work with these

incredibly talented, kind, and caring artists.

Here are some images of their work.


Nicole Lindland, Handcrafted Jewelry Alchemystic Jewelry


Christy Witters, Glass Vessels Christy Witters Glass


Erica Walker, Handcrafted Jewelry Erica Walker Jewelry


Eric Pow, Paper Art PowPaper


Morgan Dyer, Painter


Shem Roose, Photography Shem Roose Imagery


Stephanie Grace, Vases and Luminaries Stephanie Grace Ceramics


Collaborating with us on our

Winter Mountains project is PowderJet Snowboards -

handcrafted eco-conscious snowboards, made in Vermont


We have additional handcrafted gifts for the holidays -

made by artists from New England and beyond


Oakwind Hollow


Of course, we still have unique original engravings - from copperplates to chromolithographs, now found in natural history themes throughout the gallery.

To say this is fun would be an understatement.

It is a joy.

And such a pleasure to share with all of you.

More coming soon - as even more artists are being added this week!

Sending love and warm wishes to all.

Fischer Arts

Art Inspired by Nature

Fischer Arts has a charitable mission - a portion of all proceeds go to

organizations that protect wildlife and fragile ecosystems

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