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Back and Ready!

The last month has seen a few changes over at Fischer Arts. It has been a time of growth and change.

I keep saying - every day is a new adventure. That is no exaggeration!

There was a surprise research trip to Iceland

I joke about being a career chameleon, because I easily change "work" colors. It is part of who I am. When a colleague from my research days contacted me and asked if I might be interested in working with his group studying shorebirds in Iceland, I jumped at the opportunity. Away I went, and what an experience it was. It meant Fischer Arts was closed for a few weeks, but the stories (and photographs) that resulted will hopefully add to the Fischer Arts world!

I am incredibly grateful for the experience, though I am also happy to be back, ready for the next Fischer Arts adventure:

We are excited to be a part of this wonderful show, right in the center of beautiful Sunapee Harbor. We look forward to sharing our antique nature prints, handcrafted jewelry by Alchemystic Jewelry, and custom framed nature photographs with the Lake Sunapee community.

And, for more news - we are in New Hampshire Magazine!

It is wonderful to have the work Fischer Arts is doing highlighted in New Hampshire Magazine! You can read about our mission and journey.

We continue to support organizations working to

preserve fragile ecosystems and protect wildlife

This spring our contributions from sales of our antique nature prints went to three wildlife rehabilitation centers doing wonderful work, you can read more here about the campaign.

It is an exciting time, and believe it or not, I suspect there are more adventures ahead in the next few months! More to come soon...

To thank you for your continued support.

Fischer Arts would like to offer you a 20% discount towards the purchase of

any antique nature print, valid until July 10th, 2021.

Use coupon code ADVENTURES21 at checkout!

With gratitude to all,


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