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Art Inspired by Nature

 Iris Fischer-McMorrow

One would think I could get it together and create a professional artist’s bio. These days it's a challenge to look respectable even in my own living room - a place where my only audience is a lumberjack from Vermont, a pug, and a little pittie.


So, I thought I would take a minute to break from the professional and speak to the honest.


I take photographs to keep me sane. I started Fischer Arts to keep me grounded.


Allowing my eyes to see beauty, symmetry, and light – that keeps me afloat.


Over the years I have explored many career paths. I admit that my favorite employment experiences include: 1) making deli customers huge sandwiches with giant slabs of brie cheese and 2) teaching college students the biology of reproduction – as both have led the consumer on the other end to moments of wide-eyed enlightenment.


I’m often restless. I’ve lived in the city, deep in the woods, and on both sides of the Atlantic. I am addicted to science and facts, but I am quite certain stuffed animals have emotions. I’m crazily attracted to bright colors and shiny objects, but generally prefer to wear black.


Most importantly, there is not a day that goes by without my feeling profound and deep gratitude for the beauty in the natural world, the creatures I share this planet with, and the man I share this life with (to note: he has weird feet, but he is pretty awesome).  


Thank you for reading, and for joining me on this journey with Fischer Arts.




About Iris Fischer-McMorrow:

Iris lives in Vermont with her husband and two dogs. Her love of nature and animals brought her to a career in veterinary medicine, and throughout her time as a veterinarian she has grown and evolved her body of work in the visual arts. Her photography is influenced by the color, light, and symmetry found in fleeting moments.


Iris has shown work throughout New England, from the Berkshires to the New Hampshire Seacoast. Highlights include the Mad River Valley Craft Fair, Naturally New England, as well as the Art Center in Dover, NH.  Currently her work is being exhibited with the Center for the Arts in New London, New Hampshire.

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