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Spring is Coming!

It's definitely mud season here in Vermont - the legendary in-between time of slippery dirt roads and deep puddles. But if you look closely, you can see little bits of bright green breaking out of the ground.

We are getting ready for spring at Fischer Arts, and this includes putting the finishing touches on an exhibit space.

Here's what's in store (no pun intended) for the spring!

A new "Mushrooms, Mosses, and Lichen" section, with beautiful copperplate engravings from the late 1700s, as well as glass mushrooms and blown glass "encapsulations" containing New England mosses and lichen.

Our exhibit space will soon be home to paintings by Morgan Dyer. Morgan's work is influenced by the natural beauty in her home on the North Shore of Massachusetts. The exhibit will run from the end of April until Memorial Day. More coming soon about this wonderful collaboration.

We adore our huge floor-to-ceiling windows - and can't wait to welcome the change of the seasons with new work. Our Spring Windows will have some special surprises, including stunning new botanical engravings from the 1800s, gorgeous bird egg lithographs and handcrafted glass pieces from LBK Studio in Rhode Island and Vermont's Root Studio.

For a Sneak peak:

Spring and summer also includes work from Vermont wood sculptor Stanton Sears and watercolors from Massachusetts artist Joe McKendry.

There is so much more - handcrafted jewelry, stained glass, paper art...and of course a beautiful selection of antique prints, all inspired by nature's beauty.

We are busy working away to adapt and adjust the website - quite a task, and a work in progress!

Come visit us in Chester

Until April 22nd, our hours will continue to be:

Friday - Sunday, 11-4pm

And hours will be expanding soon....

As of April 22nd, our hours will be:

Thursday - Sunday, 11-5pm

Best wishes to all for a happy spring!

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