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Three Seasons at Home

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

The travel bug has stung me more times than I can count. I love to explore, and I typically plan my year of travel with fervor.

Not this year. And to my surprise, that has been ok. More than ok.

Of course I acknowledge that, since March 13, 2020 (a permanently imprinted date), my family has experienced numerous challenges... not the least of which being the pandemic. But I found myself faced with an opportunity.

Living in rural New Hampshire is a gift, one that I embraced with the gusto that only a type-A planner possesses. I committed to packing up the pug, the pittie, and the husband (almost) every morning at the crack of dawn (and yes, I mean crack) for a hike up a mountain.

We are fortunate to have one a stone's throw away. I admit, it isn't Kilimanjaro. But for me, it is the perfect little mountain.

I witnessed three seasons on this precious little peak.

Late Spring, we saw the eruption of fireweed near the top of our daily hike. It left us in awe; not unlike the happy pollinators that we found dancing around on them every morning.

Summer in New Hampshire

Late summer came foxtails ablaze with deep summer light.

Summer in New Hampshire

Then an indescribable fall, with colors that uncharacteristically lingered for weeks

Fall in New Hampshire

The natural beauty in my home town (quite literally) leaves me breathless

New Hampshire

This has been a year of adaptation for so many people; one that that has required resiliency and grit as well as compassion. I am grateful to my mighty little mountain for helping me through this with three seasons of stunning natural beauty. And, as we approach the forth season, with the peak white with snow, I will continue to draw strength from the gifts around me.

Sending everyone love and well wishes,


New photographs, including some of these, have been added to the gallery.


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