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A Walk in the Woods...

Updated: Jun 5

Years ago (more years than I like to confess) my vacations and get-aways of choice involved large cities filled with history and museums - but also restaurants and bars... (the latter, of course, getting the most attention. I just can't turn away a good cocktail).


Things have changed a bit. Although I live rurally and have the gift of trees and nature around me, I react to a free time differently. Instead of researching city get-aways, I throw my husband and my hiking boots (and occasionally a surprised dog or two) into the car and take off to to hike.

We hike near and far. It could be a hiking trail up the road.



Or maybe we fly somewhere to explore red rock, mysterious forests, or majestic mountains.

 The time spent on the trail opens my mind

and soothes my soul.


And, huge bonus - I get to share the trail with the most understanding hiking partner

in the history of hiking partners... my husband.


Full disclosure....I might be someone who loves to hike,

but that does not mean I am an athletic wonder.


Friends, I am slow. Like, really, really slow.


And that's ok. We take our time. We take the occasional selfie. And we love it.

My love for these special places runs deep. I think about the importance of natural places, and how connected we are to the open meadows, dense forests, sandy beaches and stunning mountain tops on this beautiful planet.


This is why for 2024, a portion of the sales from the

"Forests, Trees, and Landscapes" area will be dedicated to the

Since 1977, The Vermont Land Trust has protected more than 620,000 acres of farmland, forestland, and community land in Vermont,

covering over 11% of the state.

I hope you all get a chance to enjoy the outdoors this spring.

Happy Hiking, everyone!

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