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Meet the Artists

Fischer Arts highlights works of art that are inspired by nature, and we collaborate with contemporary artists whose work celebrates the natural world. Words cannot express how grateful we are to know and work with these incredibly talented, kind, and caring artists.

If you are interested in having your work at Fischer Arts, you will find

our Artist Application here.


Sterling Silver Ring Alchemystic AM.png

Nicole Lindland, Handcrafted Jewelry Alchemystic Jewelry

Dahlia, Asters _AK_Paper Flowers.jpg
Christy Witters WoodpeckerPM.png

Christy Witters, Glass Vessels
Christy Witters Glass

Labradorite Necklace.jpg
Paper Art Mountains.png

Root Studio
Stained Glass

Bobbi Angell Basswood.jpg

Zarabeth Duell
Mtn Grl Studios

Mountain Watercolor.jpg


Collaborating with us on our

Winter Mountains project is
PowderJet Snowboards -

handcrafted eco-conscious snowboards, made in Vermont



We have additional handcrafted gifts -

made by artists from New England and beyond


Mtn Grl Studio

Oakwind Hollow

Daniel Pickett

Mondaen Claywork

Fischer Arts - photo cards

Fischer Arts has a charitable mission: a portion of all proceeds go to

organizations that protect wildlife and fragile ecosystems

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